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Welcome to HomeCNC Technologies...

This site will be dedicated to the understanding of home CNC. My goal is to have a CNC mill for home use that is capable of machining light weight metals like brass and aluminum. I may also want to machine some steel.

As I go through the learning process, I will document to this site what I have learned. My hope is that this site will help someone else on the road to home CNC.

I started my goal knowing what I wanted, but not knowing how to do it. Searching the NET is where many people start, and that is just what I did, too. My links section is the result of all my searching. You will find a wide aray of sites that I found helpful in learning home CNC, but the best thing you could do is join the discussion site called CNCZone. This is where you will find people from all over the world working toward the same goal, "home CNC."

Learn and have fun. That's what it's all about.

You can contact me at HomeCNC


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